Can I build this by myself?

Short answer – Yes. You absolutely can build this for yourself.

Long answer – A few things you have to consider while building this though:

  1.  You have to make sure the solution works across fragmented build systems or  OS' along with device types.
  2.  You’ve to build a solution that intelligently deciphers function signatures, so that  you can patch them later at runtime.
  3.  The solution must work well with various code obfuscation techniques such as  proguard.
  4.  The solution has to take into consideration that an interpreter needs to be built.  The interpreter understands the hotfixes that you send and then manipulates  the code.
  5.  You’ve to build for the highest quality of service, remember that this is on prod.
  6.  You’ve to build programming constructs.

These are just a few considerations while building this. It takes time and focused effort. Would you like to focus on your business or build a new business, is a question you’ve to answer to yourself.

Despite providing such a technically advanced function set, we would still want all developers to benefit from it. The prices have been kept very very low such that it just doesn’t make economic sense to build something again, from the scratch.

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