New to Hansel, tell me more? lets you hotfix virtually any issue in your app, at runtime. With the 80 kB SDK and the dashboard, developers like you can now aim for 100% crash free apps in the play/app store and a seamless experience sans those pesky bugs.

Hansel has a proprietary language with all the programming constructs that lets you patch a faulty code. Apart from this, you also have the power to manipulate your UI at runtime. You can change views, color, text, positions in targeted devices. The entire power of the app code is still with you, despite the app being in the wild.

You can also open communication channels with affected users from any point you determine, all at runtime.

The power of the entire solution comes with the fact that there is absolutely no change to your code and the way you code currently. No pre-determined code, no wasting time building for defenses, no wasting time solving for bugs and crashes in updates. is built with your customer in mind. We try to answer this simple question through our product – how can we enable you to provide the best experience to your customers possible!

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