What more can I do apart from hotfix?

You can invoke message boxes from any particular point in the app to open up communication channels with your end users. You can deeplink the message boxes with actionable buttons that allows users to be taken to any destination in the app or outside. You can also use the message boxes to force update users from earlier versions. The beauty is that you can invoke it from anywhere and at any time.

You can also change visuals of the app. This automatically means you can test out different colors or text or order and positions of the UI elements at any time.

You can add logs to your code at runtime.

The power of the solution is that it is an open framework. Hence it is also up to you to discover more use cases apart from hotfixing your apps at runtime.

Apart from the power of hotfixing, you also get the entire functionality of stack traces and device and OS details for effective root causing of issues.

You can also add alerts through SMS and/or emails to help you know if something requires your urgent attention.


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