Team management

Using the team management feature at Hansel you can invite your colleagues to join your team. You can also control access to who can make changes on the production app.  

Navigating to your app

1. Navigate to the your team page by clicking on User Management from the left hand panel


2. Click on the apps filter to choose the app to which you wish to view, add or edit members.



Inviting your teammates

1. Click on ADD NEW USER to add teammates to your app. 


2. You can assign a role to your teammate (s). Below are the description of the roles. Enter details and click save. Your teammate will be added to your app and an email notification will be sent to the your colleague's email address.


App Owner
Can manage all aspects of the app
Can invite users, modify roles and/or remove users from the app
Can create and make changes in the production environment
Can create new apps within the company

App Editor
Can create changes in the app
Can create changes and test in test groups
Can create new apps within the company
Cannot make changes live on Production
Cannot add new users to the team


Editing permissions or removing users

1. Click on the edit icon to edit and the delete icon to delete. You can find the icons on the extreme right of each row.



2. Once you click on edit, you can edit the role of a user. From the dropdown, select a new role for the user and click "tick" to save or "cross" to cancel.



Creating changes using the Hansel dashboard

1. When making a change live in production:

  • Only an App Owner will be able to make it live.
  • An email requesting for permission will be sent to the owner(s) incase you are not an owner.



2. Send the change for review

When App Editors are ready with their changes, they can request App Owners to review and make their changes live on the Production app.



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